2016 BMW X1 spotted testing

In 2016, BMW will introduce the second-generation X1 Sports Activity Vehicle. A test mule was spotted in Germany during the usual testing trials.

While the first generation was offered with a rear-wheel drive or xDrive setup, the new F48 X1 will make use of BMW’s first front-wheel drive platform which can be configured to offer2016 BMW X1 spotted testing an all-wheel drive option as well. We exclusively reported on the BMW X1 FWD back at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show2016 BMW X1 spotted testing.

To gain space and also to feature more attractive and well proportioned design lines, the BMW X1 will take advantage of the FWD setup which offers more interior space while retaining the driving dynamics.

2016 BMW X1 spotted testing

Still hidden underneath heavy camouflage is a refreshed design that will make the X1 look sportier in order to appeal to younger customers2016 BMW X1 spotted testing. The typical design cues, like the connected headlights and kidney grille, or the L-shaped taillights are being implemented as well.

The F48 BMW X1 will be powered by the new family of four-cylinder engine, petrol and diesel.


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