Autoblog raves about the BMW 1M

Autoblog goes behind the wheel of the new BMW 1M and their impressions are summarized in a single word: “Brilliance”. Without spoiling the comprehensive and great review, here are some key points:

“Five minutes into my first drive, I immediately pulled into a turnout, sat there for a second, took a deep breathe and realized – dammit – everyone was right. Brilliance is back in a small package.

Yes, brilliance. Surprising considering the M Coupe is the prototypical parts-bin special. But then again, when your parts bin is made up of some of the best driver-oriented bits in the biz, brilliance isn’t expected, it’s demanded.
So when the time comes to dispatch all the electro-nannies, your right foot and two hands had better be ready to respond. Quickly. The amount of traction afforded by those massive meats is almost in direct opposition to the 104.7-inch wheelbase. So the M Coupe goes from grip to gone in an instant. No, this isn’t the predictable breakaway we’ve experienced in the larger, more portly M3 (or any other M, for that matter). That’s due to a number of variables, but chief among them is the 1′s nearly square dimensions.
As enthusiasts, we have to come to grips with the fact that no modern automaker can match the involvement and tactility of a vehicle designed before massive feature creep and ever-expanding safety regulations. That time has passed.”


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