Autocar: “BMW M6 will be the most powerful super-coupé in BMW’s history”


The all-new BMW M6 will be the most powerful super-coupé in BMW’s history, says UK magazine Autocar. The new M6 will be unveiled this year with sales beginning in 2013.

An insider reveals to Autocar that the M6 will make use of the same powerplant as the F10 M5 which goes on sale this summer, producing 560 horsepower and 501 lb-ft of torque ( 680 Nm) at 1500 rpm. Same insider says the M6’s rear-drive chassis has been tuned extensively at the Nürburgring and it has the dynamic proficiency to cope with prodigious power outputs.

The super-sporty M6 will feature carbon fiber roof and body panels that will help with weight savings. A carbon-ceramic brake system and lightweight ally wheels are also part of the package.

Is the M6 BMW’s own version of a supercar? At Detroit Auto Show, same insider says “M wants to build its own car. BMW has a great heritage of super-coupes and the M6 is the latest part of that. But we also want to do something that we can call a ‘super sports car’.”

Can the M division put together a compelling case for an M supercar? Time will tell, but in the mean time, stay tuned for the M6 Coupe debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

[Source: Autocar | Rendering: LeftLanNews ]


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