Autocar drive: 2012 BMW 3 Series

A new day and another review of the 2012 BMW 3 Series. This time, the UK journalists at Autocar share with us their impressions of the F30 3  Series Sedan.

What’s it like?

I drove both the 320d and 328i at the launch, both of which were only available in Sport trim with the new paddle-shift gearbox and top-spec chassis and steering systems fitted (optional adaptive dampers and sport specification servotronic steering, in other words, all of which combined with the gearbox would add just under £6k to the price).

The first thing you become aware of when driving either car is that there’s an incredible lack of inertia when on the move. The new 3-series feels quite amazingly light on its feet, the 328i especially, and to begin with this can make it seem ever so slightly insubstantial as a result.

The steering of the 328i is so light and fingertip easy, the accelerator so delicate underfoot, the gearbox so smooth in its machinations, you almost feel like a passenger in the car as it wafts gracefully from one destination to the next. The four cylinder engine purrs gently in its low to mid ranges, providing more thrust that you thought possible from such a small petrol engine when installed in a car as big, relatively speaking, as this.

Select Sport and it instantly feels even more alive, not just beneath your backside and feet but at the tips of your fingers as well. And if you’re feeling truly in the mood there’s a Sport+ setting available in this model as well, which brings yet crisper responses from the steering, gearbox and throttle, and turns the traction control to a fruitier setting for good measure.”

Full review at Autocar


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