BMW’s i8 Eco-Supercar to Lose Fancy Doors

We knew it was only a matter of time before the gorgeous all glass doors of BMW’s i8 concept car were replaced with more conventional ones. Gone are the high-flying butterfly doors; they are now likely to be surfaced in aluminum, or a composite material.

Are we disappointed? A little. Are we going to turn down a press drive? Umm… no. The i8 remains one of the most exciting BMW’s produced to date, chalk full of firsts for the company. We expect the i8 to feature a turbo charged inline 3 cylinder – or at most a 4 cylinder unit powering the rear wheels, with electric motors powering the front, and boosting power to the rear.

The spy photos can be found at Road and Track

Expect Toyota Prius milage, minus the snoring passengers. The i8 will likely give the current M3 a run for its money – at least in a straight line. We expect BMW’s next M3 to trounce the i8 in the performance department, however, thanks to a bump in power and a reduction in weight.

Is there an M8 in the works? We can only dream of this eventuality. If we all collectively pray for it at exactly the same time, will our focused mental powers influence BMW to build it? No. Too bad. But hopefully BMW will find a business case to build it, and we can, finally, stop begging BMW for a proper supercar to take to Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and the likes.


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