BMW 1M: “The ultimate no-B.S. German performance weapon?”

Canadian car magazine Auto123 brings us a new review of the BMW 1M, one of the purest M cars as many journalists and fans have named it.

Did they like it? Let’s see an excerpt from their review.

M-Power turbo six
Powering it all up is a 3.0L straight-six, twin-turbo engine that cranks out 335 ponies. Acceleration is very potent, the rear end squirms for grip through most of first and second gear, and gears shift quickly via the short, tight 6-speed shifter. The clutch is sporty and grabby, but light enough for use in daily traffic, and the stability control system is expertly tuned to let you safely explore the 1M’s limits. And the sound from that exhaust system is sweet, mellow and saturating – even at idle.

Dancing on the tarmac
Add in the quick, heavy steering and track-tuned suspension, and you’ve got a car that’s well equipped to chew through straight stretches, corners and everything in between. The 1M doesn’t bite into the road so much as it dances over top of it. With a short wheelbase, tons of torque and a light and eager rear end, it’s a lively and athletic car to drive the pants off of. You can literally feel everything the suspension and chassis are up to when you push it hard.

Unfortunately, this is one of those cars that thanks you for pushing it hard. It’ll get the hearts of enthusiasts pumping faster than eating a family-sized poutine, and the performance is so obnoxious, it’ll make you want to drive like you’re from Montreal. So watch for speeding tickets.

Full review and photos at Auto123


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