BMW 1M: Richard Hammond’s Car of the Year

The BMW 1M takes another win. The “baby-M” collects awards after awards and to add to its credibility, the latest accolades come from Top Gear’s Richard Hammond.

Here is an excerpt from his review:

“Annoyingly, Ollie Marriage summed this car up perfectly in one word when he drove it for this magazine. He described it as ‘boisterous’. And that is as exact and precise a description as I could give of it using an unlimited number of words and a three-hour PowerPoint lecture. The BMW 1M Coupe is, yes, a small car, but that’s not the full story. A labrador puppy and a fully grown duck are both small and roughly the same size as each other, but only one of them will hump your leg, eat your trainers and chew your finger when you try to pet it.

And it’s not the duck. So the baby BMW is exactly that, a baby, bringing with it all the potential of larger, fully grown cars, with none of the seriousness and restraint of adulthood. Still small, but what it’s got in huge, disproportionate spade loads is character. And it’s not a duck.


The gearbox is available only as a six-speed manual. It’s brilliant: short and snappy. The M differential comes from the current M3 and does its bit not just to help control those big, slidey moments, but also to actively encourage them. Hit the M button on the steering wheel, and the traction control sits back in a deckchair and reads the paper while you go mental. But it’s always ready to cough disapprovingly, and rustle the paper a bit to calm things down if you balls it up too badly. The twin-turbo, straight-six sounds like a turbine as it spins out its 335bhp, but it’s the huge surge of torque it provides that gives it more grunt even than the M3′s V8.”

Full review at Top Gear


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