BMW i cars won’t get the M treatment

BMW i cars wont get the M treatment

It comes with no surprise that the BMW i sub-brand will continue down its own path of building super efficient and green cars, so the news of no “i” cars getting an M treatment falls under the norm.

While in Frankfurt, speaking to CarAdvice, BMW Group head of technology communications Cypselus von Frakenberg told the magazine there the new BMW i8 will not get any input or makeover from the M division. The idea of a supercar based on the i8 has been floating around for a while but the outcome was somewhat predictable.

“It is separate – M and i,” says von Frakenberg. “It’s two different sub-brands, but there will be no ‘M’ i-car in the future.

BMW i cars wont get the M treatment

“These [M] are the high performance cars with combustion engines, and on the other side you have the ‘i’ cars with electric drive. They won’t come together.

“I don’t think that it would make sense to mix these two sub-brands in one car. We have the Ms, we have the i, and we have the BMW, the core brand.

“I don’t think it’s necessary. You look at the car [i8], it’s an i version. You look at the LifeDrive architecture of the car, it wouldn’t make sense to bring M to that.

There you have it. So if you’re looking for a new BMW supercar, you might have to wait a bit longer and based on our latest sources, one might surface in the near future.

 BMW i cars wont get the M treatment

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