BMW i3 almost unveiled

BMW i3 almost unveiled

With just a few weeks left before its official unveil, an almost undisguised version of the BMW i3 was spotted during a pre-production test drive in Europe.

Along with the white color paint scheme that we have seen in prototypes, the BMW i3 is shown for the first time in  a black paint job. The auto show debut will take place at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show in September followed a few months later by the market launch.

BMW i3 is powered by a rear-mounted electric motor that’s putting out 170 horsepower (125 kW) and 184 lb-ft of torque.

BMW i3 almost unveiled

The i3 can cover up to 136 miles on a single battery charge, but the range can be increased up to 217 miles using an optional range extended.

“The i3 has a range on a single electrical charge of 130 to 160 kilometers (80 to 99 miles), but with two eco modes the EV range could grow to 220 kilometers (136 miles),” said Maximilian Kellner, head of product management of BMW i division.

An optional two-cylinder motorcycle engine and a generator are used extend its range by another 81 miles on a single tank of gasoline.

The i3 will be offered in two variants: a four-door EV and a coupe.

Stay tuned next month for exclusive news on the BMW i3.

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