BMW M2 Trademark Filled

According to 1Addicts, BMW AG has submitted trademark fillings for a potential BMW M2 model. First rumors around an M2 car appeared back in December of 2010, followed by another report last week that brought to light new details around the future M.

We have recently confirmed that a BMW 2 Series family will include the new 1er Coupe and Convertible. The two vehicles move up a class to differentiate themselves from the other 1er models. So clearly, this drives the conclusion around a potential M2 model that will fit in the same family.

Sources close to the brand say that while the 1er M Coupe showcases what is possible to achieve in a tight time frame, for the future “baby-M” BMW will work to emulate the current car by making sure that weight loss is significant. The engine under the hood will be a brand new high performance four cylinder turbocharged engine.

To secure the M2 name, BMW filed the trademark with the German patent office, as well as with the USPTO (US patent and trademark office).

The filling itself does not guarantee that the badge will end up on the car, but rather giving BMW a chance to secure potential naming conventions. A potential BMW M2 will come to market no earlier than 2015.

[Source: 1Addicts]


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