BMW M4 – Final Renderings

BMW M4   Final Renderings

The new BMW M4 is preparing for its public debut and based on the recent spy photos we have some new renderings.

Built on the already aggressive-looking 4 Series Coupe, the BMW M4 will sport an aggressive front bumper with styling cues imported from the 1M and M6 models, as well as a carbon fiber rooftop.

The side lines have also been enhanced to give the car a more muscular and sporty look. As expected flared fenders and side skirts are present, along with M-specific wheels. The air vents are large in size with angled fins that give the car not only a road-focused look, but also a dominating stance.

BMW M4   Final Renderings

Rendering by Jerry Alvarez (

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BMW says that with the new M4 the focus was on weight reduction. What we’d like is more focus on lightweight engineering,” said Matt Collins, BMW UK product manager for small and medium cars. “The philosophy will be around delivering performance through improved use of materials – lightweight alloys, lots of carbon fiber etc – rather than simply trying to make the engine more powerful to move the same kind of car, or scaling it back too far so that it loses its M3 roots.”

Under the hood, the new BMW M4 is using an inline-six turbocharged engine that sources say will develop around 450 horsepower. Engine code S55.

The engine is mated to a double-clutch transmission 7-speed transmission. The U.S. enthusiasts will most likely see a manual transmission option as well.

The rumor is that the new BMW M4 will debut next week at the 2013 Pebble Beach Concourse d’Elegance but no official confirmation from BMW as of today.

BMW M4   Final RenderingsBMW M4   Final Renderings

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