By The Numbers: Rolex 24 and Tunner Motorsport


The 50-th anniversary Rolex 24 race took place over the weekend and during 24 hours of non-stop racing, the excitement reached a new peak. BMWBLOG was present at the popular race and will report shortly the final results through photos and videos. But in the mean time, OneHotLap gives us a 360 degree view of the Rolex 24 racing event with a focus on the Turner Motorsport team:

8 drivers, 32 people crew
Fuel stops needed every 50 minutes
20 Gallon fuel tank capacity
600 gallons for the weekend per car
20 sets of tires per car for the weekend
400 lug nuts per car
25 bottles of nitrogen for tires and air guns
2-3 sets of brake pads for the 24-hour race (1-2 more for practice and qualifying per car)
2 Water Bottles per driver per stint
Multiple windshield tear-offs per car
250 bottled waters

150 cans of soda
50 bottles of Gatorade
100 granola bars
100 cups of coffee
150 Red Bulls
60 scrambled eggs
125 ham sandwiches
60 candy bars
30 Advil packs
4 dozen donuts
2 RVs for Drivers to rest and eat
1 Private masseuse/chiropractor for drivers and crew

Stay tuned for more Daytona 24 coverage!



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