E90 BMW 328i vs F30 BMW 328i – Road & Track

E90 BMW 328i vs F30 BMW 328i   Road & Track

U.S. magazine Road and Track compares the previous generation BMW 328i E90 against the new F30 328i.

With the new generation F30 328i, BMW moved away from the six-cylinder engine and into the era of four-cylinder turbocharged units. The 2.0 liter I4 makes 240 horsepower and 255 lb-ft of torque, compared with 230 horsepower and 200 lb-ft of torque found in the previous E90 328i.

Here is an excerpt from their review:

E90 BMW 328i vs F30 BMW 328i   Road & Track

On rough roads, the F30 Sport-pack rides better than the non-Sport E90, likely thanks to its adaptive suspension. The F30 also seems quieter at first, but the racket transmitted from front-end bumps is surprising, and at highway speeds, the sunroof produces too much wind noise to leave open. Neither is a problem on the old car.

The new car’s electrically assisted power steering is quite good (and, thanks to software updates, will likely get better), but it’s not great, and when it occasionally communicates what the chassis is doing, it tells you what just happened. The E90′s hydraulic steering, by contrast, tells you what’s about to happen. That’s an important distinction as you’re approaching the limits of a car’s suspension: “Dude, you’re sideways” is a different thing from “Don’t feed in any more throttle, because your rear tires are about to break traction.”

So far, it’s a toss-up. But then we come to the engine. The E90′s musical straight-six dominates the experience from the second you start it, the cabin buzzing with excitement from idle to redline. You feel the engine’s subtle vibes in the shifter and row the gears just for the fun of it.

2008 BMW 328i (E90) 2012 BMW 328i (F30)
ENGINE 3.0-liter I-6 2.0-liter turbo I-4
PEAK POWER 230 hp @ 6500 rpm 240 hp @ 5000 rpm
PEAK TORQUE 200 lb-ft @ 2750 rpm 255 lb-ft @ 1250–4800 rpm
WEIGHT 3386 lb 3412 lb
DIST, F/R % 50/50 49/51
0–30 MPH 2.0 sec 2.0 sec
0–60/5–60 MPH 6.0/6.7 sec 5.6/6.7 sec
0–100 MPH 16.4 sec 14.4 sec
QUARTER-MILE 14.7 sec @ 96 mph 14.3 sec @ 100 mph
EPA CITY/HWY 18/28 mpg 23/34 mpg
OUR MILEAGE 25 mpg 27 mpg

Full reviewE90 BMW 328i vs F30 BMW 328i   Road & Track

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