Forbes Rumor: “GM Hooks Up With BMW For Fuel Efficiency Push”

By 2015, fuel efficiency standards in the United States will become increasingly strict, a burden that will affect many large automakers. To overcome increasing R&D costs and potential fines, automakers are starting to form partnerships.

Just last month, Ford and Toyota announced a partnership on hybrid technology. According to Forbes, General Motors is looking to partner with BMW for fuel-efficient engines. BMWBLOG provided a report last month on the potential collaboration, citing German newspaper Der Spiegel.

Forbes says that not only will GM be able to develop a more extensive line-up of fuel-efficient vehicles but also lower its R&D costs.

The partnership seems to be less advantageous for BMW, but a closer look at GM’s technology reveals the electric-vehicle technology in the Opel Ampera, one of highly respected vehicle in the industry with technology that could benefit the new BMW i sub–brand.

BMW brings to the table superior diesel and petrol engines, therefore a partnership will help both companies build upon each other’s technology advantage while keeping their capital expenditures and R&D costs low.

Stay tuned for further developments.


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