Join #bimmerchat on Twitter tonight – Topic: BMW ActiveE

Every Thursday at 9PM EST, our newest contributor Manny Antunes runs a popular chat on Twitter . Using a catchy hashtag, #bimmerchat, the online gathering brings together a large group of BMW enthusiasts and gearheads eager to freely discuss about the BMW brand or the weekly BMW news.

Tonight, the special #bimmerchat edition hosted by @Manny and @Ty Whiting will focus on BMW’s first electric car: BMW ActiveE. The 1 Series Coupe electric conversion will be offered in a pilot trial this fall.

The Twitter chat will feature two special guests: Peder Norby and Tom Moloughney. The 2 pioneers of the MINI E pilot will be discussing, among many others, about the experience of owning an electric car, real world performance, the sound of EVs, electricity costs and a comparison against “traditional” cars.

Peder has logged 28,000 miles in his MINI E while Tom took the EV experience to a new level with 55,000 miles on his MINI E.

The official voice of BMW’s first-ever all-electric road vehicle, @BMWActiveE will also join us on Twitter and relate to their followers some of tonight’s discussions.

@bmwblog will also retweet the #bimmerchat, so join us tonight at 9PM EST and learn more about electric vehicles from two experienced owners.


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