New Renderings: BMW X4

The long-time rumored BMW X4 comes back to focus. After many rumors pointing to an imminent production of the smaller Sports Activity Coupe, the news of its cancellation came as a surprise to many of us and faith of the X4 remains currently unknown.

Last month, UK magazine Autocar, quoting BMW officials, said plans for the X4 are on hold pending a new platform strategy that will center on greater commonality between the X3 and X5.

BMW X4 was envisioned to be a smaller and more agile four-seater, receiving individual styling in a move to give it a more sporting image and enable BMW to position it higher than the X6 SAC upon which it is based.

The X4 was said to keep a bloodline with the X3, although the front and rear will be separate designs. The smaller SAC makes use of BMW’s latest design philosophy in which wheel arches are defined a three-dimensional look.

If it comes to market, the BMW X4 will most likely be offered with various 4- and 6-cylinder engines, and probably in the future, a hybrid version, similar to the X6 ActiveHybrid or the future X3 hybrid.

Rendering artist Theo Philuschin applies some of the things mentioned above and creates a computer generated image of the small SAC. The car combines design cues from the X3 and X6.


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