Opposite Lock: A Weekly Glance at Automotive News, Rumors & Controversy

In many parts of the world it is already Tuesday, but from my desk here in Toronto, it is still Monday for another two hours. I may barely sneak in by the deadline, but through hell or high water I will do my utmost to bring you this weekly feature, “Opposite Lock,” every Monday of the year.

Each opinion piece will highlight, analyze and dissect a news item, rumor, political topic or controversy for your reading enjoyment. Your comments and thoughts will be an integral part of each article since it’s the opinion of the greater crowd that matters most. I welcome your comments to form a discussion among our vast and global readership. If you agree with me, that’s great. If you disagree with me, that’s even better. I look forward to friendly debate on each topic covered!

The automotive world is changing. The norms of yesterday are being replaced by the trends of today; conventional thinking is constantly supplanted by bright new ideas – leaving us with much to contemplate.

If you would like to request a topic for discussion, write me at: shawn@bmwblog.com or contact me on Twitter at: @shawn_molnar. I’ll see you next Monday.

[Lead Photo Credit: http://www.ski-epic.com/2007_europe_motorcycle_trip/p92b_saint_gothard_pass_switzerland.jpg]


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