Product Placement: BMW Z4 in music video by Pitbull & Marc Anthony

BMW is heading back full-force in the Media and Entertainment industry. In 2010, BMW returned to the music industry with the BMW 3 Series Convertible and 7 Series featured in a Kyle Minogue videos (video 2), and recently, Jennifer Hudson used the 5 Series GT in her video clip.

Earlier this week, US artists Pitbull and Marc Anthony revealed their latest music video, “Rain Over Me”, a Sony Music production. The sensual video features the new BMW Z4 Roadster in the beautiful Deep Sea blue color.

Juliane Blasi, exterior designer Z4, finds the right words to define the new roadster in a single phrase: “If the car wants to be emotional and sexy, it needs to speak the language of people and not the language of a product.”

Here is the catchy song…


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