Rendering: BMW 2 Series Coupe

Rendering day here in the BMW world and the latest computer generated image attempts to portray the future BMW 2 Series. Confirmed last week by BMWBLOG with the help of inside sources, the new 2 Series will be the host of the upcoming 1 Series Coupe and Convertible models. The upscale 1er cars will join the 2 Series family and will go through a name change.

In 2010, BMW has filed for U.S. trademarks for 2 Series model designation. BMW reserved the trademark applications for the monikers 228, 230, and 235, similar to the 3 Series family designation. While BMW is known for filling far in advance for multiple trademarks and naming conventions, and some of them are never used, this time the new BMW badge will host the upcoming redesigned F22 1 Series Coupe and F23 Convertible.

In order to separate the performance and sportier body shape of the Coupe and Cabrio, BMW will rename the cars as the 2 Series, bypassing the need for overcrowding with the segment of the new 1er Hatch. The 2 Series showcases some new design movement with further progressive sporting interpretation of the hatch. The Cabrio model will continue offering a soft-top roof and clean design lines without compromising looks and performance.

Following the steps of the current 1 Series Coupe and Convertible, the new 2 Series family will make its way onto the U.S. soil, with the 1 Series Hatchback remaining an European-only model.

A rumored BMW M2 is said to be part of BMW’s plans, but a market launch won’t take place before 2014.


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