Rendering: BMW X4 with two doors

Rendering: BMW X4 with two doors

In 2014 BMW will release their sixth model in the X family. The BMW X4 is considered to be the little brother of the X6 Sports Activity Coupe and will sit between the high-seller volume cars like the X3 and X5.

The four-door Sports Activity Coupe will be built at BMW Plant Spartanburg, along with the X3, X5 and X6 models. It uses the same platform as the BMW X3 with a body length of 183 inches (4,648 mm), a width of 75.4 inches (1,915 mm) and a height of 63.9 inches (1,622 mm). It is built under the codename F26.

The BMW design team is continuing down the path of recently unveiled models and some design cues are becoming iconic, 3D kidney grilles and “squared” circular headlights are some of them that come to mind. As expected from a smaller Sports Activity Coupe, the side design is dominated by the elegant coupe style roofline makes the X4 appear longer and more dynamic.

Rendering: BMW X4 with two doors

But how would the X4 look with just two doors? created some renderings that showcase an X4 with just two doors.

(Photo Comparison: BMW X4 vs Range Rover Evoque)

(Photo Comparison: BMW X4 vs BMW X6)

 Rendering: BMW X4 with two doors

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