Renderings: BMW X5 Pickup

On April 1 of this year, BMW unveiled an one-off M3 Pickup, a vehicle that was supposed to put a smile on the face of many BMW fans…and surprisingly, it actually did. Furthermore, many people not only embraced the unique design approach, but were also expressing a wish that a similar model would be available for purchase.

Clearly this remains a design exercise and BMW will most likely never offer an M3 pickup. But what about an X5 truck? What would a real bimmer truck look like?

Rendering artists Theophilus Chin used his magic mouse and design skills to draw out the X5 GranLastwagen, which simply means “Gran Truck” in German.

Now the following question arises: would you be interested in a vehicle of this type? Could the X5 truck compete with some of its American-built counterparts?


[Source: Theophilus Chin via Autoblog ]


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