Renderings: Future BMW X1 and BMW X2

German magazine Autobild jumps in early on the renderings bandwagon and give us their interpretation of the future BMW X1 due out in 2015.

But this is not all, same magazine takes this game a step forward and for the first time, mentions a new BMW model: the X2.

To backup their statements, Autobild even provides the internal code names for the two vehicles: F48 for X1 and F47 for X2.

The first generation BMW X1 launched in 2008 and based on the BMW design cycle, the next generation will come 7 years later. Most likely at this stage the final design has yet to be chosen and designing teams within the company are competing for the honor to bring their vision onto the road. Once the board approves the X1 design, the car will move from a clay model to an actual concept.

The renderings are purely speculative at this point and are based on recently unveiled models. The photoshoped X1 showcases fluid lines, but with a more aggressive stance. At the front, the headlights and kidney gril are inspired by the new 1 Series Hatchback, with larger shapes than usual.

At the back, the second generation X1 features a coupe-like slope that gives the car a sportier look.

Again, take these renderings with a grain of salt.

Next, the BMW X2. Same publication says a launch date is scheduled for 2016. BMW insiders take this a step further and say that Munich-based automaker sees X2 as a mix between the “X” and “Z” models, somewhat similar to the design ideas shown in the original XCoupe Concept.

Our own sources have yet to confirm the greenlight on the X2 and say the company is currently heavily focusing on the upcoming BMW X4 built in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

These are all the speculations for the day, see you next time with more renderings and rumors from the exciting BMW world.

[Source: Autobild via Germancarforum ]


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