Renderings: New BMW M3 based on 2012 3 Series Sedan

Harold Wood, a member of F30post, delivers new renderings of what the new BMW M3 could look like. The photoshoped images are based on the recently unveiled 2012 3 Series sedan and bring forward some of the design cues an M car would showcase.

At the front, the rendered M3 features an aggressive and sporty bumper with large air intakes and the air curtain seen on the new 1M or M5 models.

On the side, the typical M gills remind us that we are looking at an M model.

To complete the unique M look, the rendered car sits on M3 wheels, as seen on the current generation.

Due out in 2013, first in a sedan form, the M3 will be followed by M4 Coupe, the new naming convention that BMW contemplates using for the high-end sporty model of the 4 Series family.

BMW will continue to offer the new M3 in three body variants: sedan, coupe and convertible. Just a few weeks ago, our sources spoke to us on the naming convention of the new M3 and M4 offerings. The M3 sedan will carry the internal code F80, while the M4 coupe takes on the F82 code.

The powerplant for the next M3 remains a big mystery for the BMW community. Recently we learned that BMW has been testing different powerplants in M3 prototypes, from inline-six turbo engines, to a newly designed and unique V6, and even the current V8 naturally aspirated engine. A final decision is likely to have been made by now and we expect to see new test mules hitting the roads in the upcoming weeks and months as BMW prepares for the winter testing.


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