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Our friend SékouWrites over at Simply Rides gives us a review of BMW’s first Sport Activity Coupe and xDrive M vehicle, the X6 M. To make things even more interesting, SékouWrites asked his partner Holly Reich to deliver a female’s review of the male-oriented X6.

There isn’t a bonding experience quite like the family road trip. So, when BMW’s brass laid out a challenge during my X6 M test-drive in Florida (“Why not try to set a record for most miles driven on a loan?”), we made it a family affair. Every day, one of us would chart a new course, from local destinations, like golf courses and outlet stores, to farther reaches, such as a cousin’s wedding in Savannah.

Through all the miles we racked up, the X6 M impressed each of us for different reasons. For me, the trademark comfort and speed of a typical BMW were second only to the gadgetry. I loved the automatic windshield wipers and the fact that the car accessed my cell phone’s address book, making it easier to return phone calls while on the road. My stepmother appreciated the precision of the navigation system with realtime traffic info, especially since we were often driving in parts unknown. And Dad liked the fact that people kept stopping to look at it.

The BMW X6 M is a boy’s car. With seating for four, the all-wheel-drive SAC (sports activity coupé), replete with 20-inch wheels and high-performance tires, doesn’t just look virile—it is. That aside, the X6 M has a fastback shape that doesn’t sing BMW. In fact, my doorman asked what kind of hybrid it was. Yet it drives like a BMW. This baby accelerates from a standstill to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. There are also three power modes: sport, for a quicker throttle response and energized shift changes; drive, for relaxed driving and better fuel economy; and manual, where the transmission can be shifted using either the shift level or the steering wheel–mounted shift paddles. BMW’s four-wheel-drive system, xDrive, improves traction and maximizes handling (like oversteering and understeering) for all road conditions with an advanced technology that BMW can explain to you later.

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