Rumor: BMW to introduce 750d model with tri-turbo engine

Earlier today, we broke the news around BMW’s plans to offer the facelifted X6 with a new engine and model designation. In 2012, the X6 xDrive50d will come to market powered by a new, innovative, tri-turbo engine.

The Tri-Turbo diesel engine is said to like an inline six-cylinder with 3.0 liter displacement and three turbochargers. The power of this engine will peak around the 400 horsepower mark, with some reports indicating around 350 hp.

First pre-production test mules of the new BMW 750d were seen around Munich and the flagship 7er is rumored to be introduced after the Frankfurt Auto Show this fall. Our sources indicate that the car will be also be available in the long wheelbase configuration, along with an optional xDrive system.

It remains unknown at the moment whether the new BMW 750d or 750Ld will make their way to the US, but European customers will get to enjoy them starting in Spring 2012.


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