Rumor: BMW X4 Canceled Or Delayed

According to Autocar UK, the long-time rumored BMW X4 has been canceled…for now. Initially rumored to appear in 2012, the X4 Sports Activity Coupe would shared most hardware and interior parts with the X3 and be exclusively build at the Spartanburg plant in South Carolina. Autocar, quoting BMW officials, says plans for the X4 are on hold pending a new platform strategy that will center on greater commonality between the X3 and X5.

BMW X4 was envisioned to be a smaller and more agile four-seater, receiving individual styling in a move to give it a more sporting image and enable BMW to position it higher than the X6 SAC upon which it is based.

Back in February, our sources said the X4 will be offered with various 4- and 6-cylinder engines, and probably in the future, a hybrid version, similar to the X6 ActiveHybrid or the future X3 hybrid. All-wheel-drive is likely to be the only torque delivery system offered.

Design wise, the X4 will keep a bloodline with the X3, although the front and rear will be seperate designs. The smaller SAC makes use of BMW’s latest design philosophy in which wheelarches are defined by making them more three-dimensional, instead of building them out by adding more technicality and un-needed lines.

It remains unknown if the platform change will also influence the styling of the smaller Sports Activity Coupe.


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