Rumor: Future BMW M2 and BMW X3M

UK magazine AutoExpress reports on a rumor that future BMW M2 is in works. Known for their speculative articles, the magazine delivers the information on the BMW M2 based on a conversation with the new M boss, Dr. Nitschke.

According to the outlet, the new M2 will be based on the F21 platform that also underpins the upcoming 2 Series Coupe and Convertible models. The M2 will continue to be a rear-wheel drive that is set to launch sometimes in 2015. One BMW insider has told AutoExpress the newcomer, a direct descendent of the 1 Series Coupe, will be instantly recognizable from the entry-level car with its bold look.

Rendering BMW M2

Same source further adds that BMW will stay away from the Audi’s “same sausage, different length” design approach and the new 2 Series will get an unique front and rear-end styling.

The “heart” of the BMW M2 could come from a 3.0 liter six-cylinder turbo engine developing 350 horsepower, or from a new tri-turbo powerplant that could offer better fuel economy with the same performance.

To add even more fuel to the fire, the same magazine says this innovative engine will debut in a new BMW X3M at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

Power will be fed through BMW’s all-new DCT semi-automatic transmission, while the brakes will be taken from the current M3. To keep the newcomer’s weight to a minimum, the firm is expected to make extensive use of the advanced carbon fibre-reinforced plastics it has developed for its Project i cars.

Nitschke told AutoExpress: “In the 1M Coupe, we have a starter car for the M Division, and we are continuing to develop this project. Such models must be sporty, and offer extraordinarily low fuel consumption. This is something we could achieve with the M2. I think the 1M Coupe proves there is room for an M2, a coupe.”

To end with a bang and more speculations, AutoExpress says revolutionary new M3 is also in the pipeline, and there are discussions over a Lamborghini Aventador-rivalling supercar, or even an Audi R8 competitor.

While the BMW M2 is a logical step for the company and continuation of the successful 1M, the other news remain classified by us as simple speculations at this point.


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