Rumor: MINI Traveller

First news around a future MINI model, dubbed Spacebox, appeared back in 2009. At the time, the futuristic project was described as an unique, dynamic, spacious, yet still powerful vehicle”.

Also labeled internally as the Progressive ACTIVITY MINI, Spacebox project comes back to life with a new name and information revealed by the usual insider, Scott27. Before jumping into the rumor, we would like to point that we were unable to confirm the allegations below with a second source.

“If there is one phrase to describe the brief for the MINI Traveller then it is named the “swiss-army-knife MINI variant”. Its internal name is “Spacebox” because it is all about increasing practicality and flexibility of a MINI for the MINI customer who has to move to another brand because they have a family that has grown or simply they need more space.

In order to show how the MINI brand can be accommodated with a concept that is less van in appearance, the MINI Traveller will be shown as a Concept car in the not-so-distant future. The car will showcase how innovation is achieved not only from the outside but also from the inside.

The theme for the Traveller is very much “Access all areas,” and uses the typical MINI solutions to passenger access such as rear-hinged doors and barn doors which could be configured Clubman style or in a 60/40 opening allowing smaller bags to be stored via a smaller door and vice versa.

BMW believes that MINI with its innovative approach will further distinguishes its identity from forthcoming BMW siblings.

The overall look of the Traveller is very much MINI. The dimensions are compact and the front overhang is kept short. In essence the MINI Traveller is very much like a larger Clubman.  The internal term “Spacebox” is derived from the spacious interior and also the expansion of glass which gives the MINI Traveller an abundance of light including a larger panoramic roof that allows the interior to look larger than it is. The appearance of the MINI Traveller is very much MINI III – raked headlights and larger grille determines the facial features, whilst at the rear they are experimenting with high level taillights in the C-pillars.

The MINI interior though expands on practicality with additional storage points, increasing flexibility, but in an unique MINI way. So you will have reverse-hinged storage compartments in some parts of the car.”

No release date has been shared by the insider, but we assume the car will join the redesigned MINI family in 2013 when the new front-wheel drive platform will make its debut as well.


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