SPIED: BMW Family Active Sports Tourer (FAST)

The long-time rumored BMW Family Active Sports Tourer (FAST) was spotted during a test trial in Germany. BMW Fast will join the Compact Sports Tourer portfolio at BMW with the 2 Series Active Tourer models opening the doors to the new family of cars.

The BMW minivan aims to mix the space and flexibility of an MPV and the solidity of an SUV with the shape of a larger Touring model while maintaining a car-like appearance.

With FAST, BMW’s ideas are to reinterpret the concept of a van to be more car-like, but without compromising space, flexibility and driving dynamics.

SPIED: BMW Family Active Sports Tourer (FAST)

Apparently the BMW FAST went to the design table as demanded by customers who want a more premium offering which still fulfills their requirements around a van, but maintains the BMW values. This segment is projected to grow to 65% by 2015.

Just like the 2 Series Active Tourer, BMW FAST will use the new UKL platform with a front-wheel drive or xDrive architecture. Under the hood, BMW will fit their new 3 and 4 cylinder engines along with a plug-in hybrid.

Based on the level of camouflage found on the car and our own sources, BMW will launch the Family Active Sports Tourer in 2016.

[Photo: Carbuzz]


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