Spied: BMW M135i Hatchback


Prototypes of a new BMW 1 Series F20 with tailpipe on both sides of the rear bumper have emerged in recent months indicating that a 135i F20 F21 model is just around the corner, but more recent spy photos indicate that a sportier model is in works as well. Just last week, BMW announced their new M Performance cars line that will include several models from each “family.”

According to a BMW source, an M135i model will be part of the M Performance lineup. The prototype spied features the two tailpipes, one on each side, as well as blue-painted brake calipers. The M135i will also sport an M-tuned chassis and muscular styling. Under the hood, the M135i takes advantage of the same petrol unit found in the 640i, a 3.0 liter straight-six turbocharged engine product 320 horsepower.

The three-door M135i F21 gets a gently sloping roofline and a more angular rear glasshouse for a sleeker profile than the five-door model.

If the reports are accurate, then we should expect the M-tuned 1 Series hatchback to be launched this fall. We also expect a similar M135i model to be launched for the new 1 Series Coupe.


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