Spied: F80 BMW M3 Sedan with manual transmission

Dutch magazine Autoweek.nl spotted once again the upcoming F80 BMW M3 Sedan. This time around, the test mule was equipped with a manual transmission, an indication that BMW will continue to cater to its hardcore customer base.

Due out in 2013, first in a sedan form, the M3 will be followed by M4 Coupe. The M3 sedan will carry the internal code F80, while the M4 coupe takes on the F82 code.

As mentioned in the past, the biggest change brought by the new M3 comes from under the hood. The high-revving V8 engine is being retired and the M division will use a six-cylinder powerplant for its upcoming M3 and M4. Our sources state that for the past year BMW has been testing different powerplants in M3 prototypes, from inline-six turbo engines to a newly designed and unique V6.

The source says the V6 is a 3.3 liter BiTurbo engine with around 450 horsepower, an information we were not able to confirm with a second source.

The prototypes spotted recently at Nurburgring reveal a typical M3 with a wide track, M front bumper, square LED headlights, large brakes and the signature four exhaust pipes at the rear.

BMW will introduce the F80 M3 at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.


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