Study says BMW drivers are jerks

Study says BMW drivers are jerks

The BMW drivers stereotype is back. Once again. According to two separate studies conducted in the US and UK, the BMW drivers are labeled as not being a polite bunch, to use the softer words.

According to New York Times quoting researchers at the University of California, BMW drivers were far less likely to stop for a pedestrian who had just entered a cross walk. ”Fancy cars were less likely to stop,” researcher Paul K. Piff told the paper, adding, “BMW drivers were the worst.”

BMW drivers and even Prius customers were also more likely to cheat at a 4-way stop.

Study says BMW drivers are jerks

The second study from UK comes in a way to support that statement. The UK motorists were asked to identify the make and color of the car from which they have most frequently suffered road rage incidents, and the results point to men between the ages of 35 and 50 driving blue BMWs. The drivers were labeled as aggressive and engaging in road-rage behaviors.

Back in 2008, Audi launched a viral video campaign that showcased the different type of drivers, with the typical stereotypes.

Here is how the different drivers were described:

  • Audi – More mature, calm, the quiet guy in the family and a “wife material” girlfriend.
  • Lexus – Controlling wife, geeky, “sweet” children
  • Mercedes-Benz – older customer
  • BMW – techno music lover, inconsiderate and arrogant

Share with us your opinion on the different type of drivers you’ve encountered.

[Source:  Marketwatch]Study says BMW drivers are jerks

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