Survey: 53% of BMW drivers using their horn at least once on every trip

Many time BMW drivers are often regarded as impatient and slightly obnoxious on the road, a stigma that some of us would like to balance off with appropriate behaviors in respect to other drivers.

But our efforts might be in vain. A survey conducted in the United Kingdom by Onepoll for the website, of 2000 motorists revealed that 53 percent of BMW drivers admit to using their horn at least once on every trip, nearly three times the national average of 18 percent.

So who are the most polite drivers on the road? Nissan owners whom according to the survey are the least likely to use their horn with 95 percent saying they never do or only as intended.

Next in line after BMW drivers are the Jaguar owners (45 percent), followed by Fiats (43 percen), Audis (39 percent) and surprisingly Saab drivers at 29 percent.



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