Tesla to build BMW 3 Series competitor

Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors has big plans for the future. In an interview with Autocar, Tesla CEO says that a new Tesla Roadster will come to market in 2014. The news is hardly surprising, the previous Roadster came to market in 2006 and a refresh will be due. But the bigger news come from the statement that Tesla is planning a new range of vehicles, including a 3 Series competitor, an X Crossover SAV, a van and a convertible.

Tesla is determined to break out of the niche market and into the mainstream auto industry in the next five years. Some of the new cars are built on a brand-new platform produced by shortening the existing Model S chassis.

Musk calls this a “third generation platform” that will place the Tesla models against the 3 Series. “This platform will spawn a range of cars in the next four to five years,” Musk told Autocar. “It’ll be a more mass-market platform for cars like a 3-series as well as the new Roadster. These cars will supplement the Model S range.”

The company plans to increase capacity at its factory to simultaneously produce different models so they can successfully compete with other mainstream carmakers.

There are no information on the performance of these new vehicles, or the 3 Series competitor, but the current 2012 Model S Sedan has a 300+ mile drive range and runs to 60 mph in only 4.5 seconds.

In the mean time, BMW just unveiled their sixth-generation 3 Series Sedan that goes on sale in Spring 2012. The F30 Sedan will be followed later that year by a coupe and convertible models.


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