Video: Autocar compares the BMW 1M against Porsche Cayman R

Autocar placed the BMW 1M against what it is considered in Europe, its main competitor: Porsche Cayman R. Looking from a price point, the comparison is somewhat uneven, the Cayman R is about 40 percent more expensive than the 1M, a factor that seems to decisively weight in 1M’s favor.

With 330 horsepower, the Cayman R offers marginally less power than the 1M (340 hp), but to overcome the power difference, it weighs less: 1,408 kgs vs 1,536 for 1M. The mid-engine placement helps the Porsche sprint to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 4.8 seconds, slightly slower than the 1M and its 4.6 seconds. But the Porsche makes up the difference and more from 0 to 124 mph: 16.4 seconds vs. 17.8 seconds for 1M.

Porsche Cayman R is 1M’s toughest opponent. The car sports bucket seats, loops for closing the doors and no air conditioning or radio, keeping the weight very low.

Who takes the final win? Let’s have a look.


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