WindingRoad: 15 Most Involving Six-Cylinder Cars – BMW 3 Series Wagon

BMW 3 Series Sports Wagon made the list of 15 Most Involving Six-Cylinder cars crafted by the folks at Winding Road magazine. The attractive, yet low volume seller, 3 Series Wagon sits in the company of great cars from Mercedes, Audi, Porsche and BMW again.

Along with the 328i Sports Wagon, BMW is represented by several other models: 328i and 335i Sedans, 335is Coupe and the new 1M. Mercedes joins the list with their SLK350 roadster, while Audi brings to the table the S4 with the supercharged V6.

Porsche made the list with four cars as well, the 3.6 liter Panamera, 911 Speedster and Turbo, and the beautiful 911 GT3.

Other cars on the list include the new Lotus Evora, Nissan 370Z and Hyundai Genesis 3.8 liter.

WindingRoad editor describes the BMW 328i Sports Wagon as a “wagon body [that] doesn’t detract a whit from the basic 3er goodness, though lack of BMW’s sports suspension (optional) does. Naturally aspirated straight-six is still one of our favorite motors to flog.”

With the new 5 Series Wagon being only available in Europe, the 3 Series Sports Wagon remains, for now, the only BMW wagon option for US customers. Initially, several rumors pointed to the fact that BMWNA may skip the next generation 3 Series Wagon and replace it with a 3 Series Gran Turismo, but in a recent statement, Jim O’Donnell, BMWNA boss, said he doesn’t want to lose wagon sales to Mercedes-Benz so BMW will keep the 3 Series wagon in its lineup.

“We are not giving up the 3-series wagon because if you give it up, they will go straight to the competition,” he says.

Here is to hope that U.S. enthusiasts will continue to enjoy a true Sports Wagon.

Full list and details at Winding Road


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