Yet Another Rumor: BMW M-One – The Supercar We Dream About

Ready for another rumor? The restless Scott27 stirs up more controversy on the interwebs. According to the BMW insider, the designers are toying with the idea of a new M supercar, a true successor to the iconic M1. “The strategy has just begun and where it is at is a few sketches by the design department and ideas conjured around a conference table. We have no production plans yet,” said the insider.

The supercar is currently dubbed M-One because it could be the first of its kind in the new generation of BMW vehicles.  Scott27 remains vague about other details, but the use of CFRP is mentioned, new materials and parts that BMW is expected to use in their upcoming vehicles.The M1 Hommage mention is present as always with new speculations around a BMW supercar.

Rendering by a fan

The rumor says an internal design sketch was created, a mixture of Vision ConnectedDrive and the upcoming 2014, but the drawing serves an unknown purpose.

“The sketch was developed entirely for a different purpose. But the idea did catch attention and since BMW did not focus on the design angle for the Connected Drive concept car they were taken aback when reaction to the car was very well received. But since the sketch caught senior attention they have added a roof and a higher windscreen to judge reaction and you could see the return of the concept this time as a coupe.  But it could form the car/s in question because of its bloodline to the original and hommage of the M1.”

Fingers-crossed BMW would build the car, when would it hit the road? “If greenlit, it will be after 2015″, says the source.

Our advice, take this rumor with a big grain of salt. In the past years, there have been extensive conversations and internal projects around a BMW supercar, but the company’s sustainable plans seem to rely on efficiency and future mobility, rather than an Audi R8 fighter.

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